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Golf Apps


MyMatch is a match board game designed to be a customized game so the player can customize the board with cards (pictures) that they choose. The game comes with four Albums included, People, Reptiles, Birds & Paw Patrol. You can create and you can share your custom albums with other players who are using the MyMatch App.


Doggle is an app that enables you to play a word game against remote players using the iCloud for the information transfer. 

Doggle Word Game

Scorecard is a free app designed to provide accurate scoring and reporting for your round and to provide ”Quota Point” totals by individual if needed.  This app provides the score-keeping interface for the MGO-League app. 


MGO-ScoreMe provides you the ability to play Nines, Skins, Nassau and KC-9, and to manage the bets and scores for your group.  The handicap computation is USGA 2020 compatible.

Wolf the Golf Game

Wolf Hammer Game!  This App addresses many of the nuances of the Wolf Hammer Game and allows many variable options for the  setup and playing of the game.  You can see the complete options in the documentation.


This iPad app handles a golf tournament for up to 64 golfers with the option of playing up to 14 different team games on up to 14 rounds, or you can play the same game more than once; it is all your choice.